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Romantic Poems

To me, the most perfect time is a beautiful Spring morning, a time to affirm true romance

A Meadow Fine

Were I but now to walk a meadow fine

Perfect Spring morning, your hand in mine

Sun shining brightly, air sweet as wine,

With joy we now stop, nature whispers you’re mine

Soft breeze, wild flowers,

Our arms entwine

Beautiful colours shout out, each fragrance divine

In this moment of now, our hearts look for a sign

Then our eyes meet in love

All is yours and mine.

Robert Mason

The Daffodil to me represents new life in Spring, and a time to feel the most perfect love for life in nature


Oh daffodil, your beauty of moment

Last forever, if time never spent

All year you hide away from sight,

To appear in gardens as Springtime Light

Yellow radiance as the sun,

In coat of green your leaves are spun

Soft breeze caress, you move and dance

Flower of love, colour of romance

You are Spring, and Spring is you

You are my image of life renew

My spirit lifts with you nearby,

I scarce can turn away my eye

Oh daffodil, your beauty of moment

And eternal dreams forever dreamt.
Robert Mason