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Spiritual Poetry

Spiritual Poetry

The following account is true. I publish it simply to show how clairvoyance works in helping people, in the amazing ability to see some of the future, and how my clairvoyant gift influences the poetry that I write.............

The lady sitting in front of me screamed. Her scream shook the house and surely neighbours would come running in to see what had happened. I was a stranger who had been sat facing this lady across a kitchen table for no more than five minutes. Her scream shook me with an unexpected shudder of sudden stress because I am not the kind of guy who does anything to make women scream! I am a clairvoyant and she had booked me to visit her home to give her a reading. This lady was aged around 40 years, and was obviously taking no care of her appearance with greasy hair all over the place, and scruffy clothes. She seemed depressed as she welcomed me into her house and sat me down.

My first words were simply “It’s about Justice – or rather an injustice – your son is in prison for an offence he didn’t commit” That is when she screamed. I’d visualised some heavy weight fighter of a husband appearing and throwing me out - but fortunately she had kicked him out of the house for a few hours for privacy during the reading. What I told her was absolutely correct, but then I went on to tell her that her son’s prison sentence would be overturned, and he would be a free man within four weeks. Her scream was of surprise at how I could possibly know all of this. I spent another hour with her, bringing-in some quite clear messages from her deceased mother. She calmed down very quickly and became more optimistic and much happier over that hour, and the messages from her mum appeared to be of great meaning. I left her with good wishes, inside my mind saying a quiet prayer for her and her son.

This was in the city of Hull, which I only visit several times a year, and I never go to the public houses there. However, about a month later I did call into a Hull pub with some friends, but in a different area of the city. Hull is a big place. Within minutes an attractive lady came running up to me and gave me a big hug saying “Its him… its him…”. I couldn’t help but notice a rather tough looking partner behind her looking quite angry at her behaviour. “It’s ok” she told him “This is the clairvoyant”. The partner changed his mood, put a smile on his face and shook my hand “Our son is no longer in prison.. everything you said came true”. The fact that their son was now free was good news, but the added miracle for me was the transformation of this lady. She had taken on a new zest for living, pulled herself out of depression, and acquired a new interest in taking care of herself. She had given herself a makeover with her hair and dress, with such a dramatic improvement that I didn’t recognise her immediately. This was the miracle of what clairvoyance can offer. I have witnessed this miracle many times as people take their lives off “hold” and start living again. My friends in the pub had been staring- on in amazement. I didn’t openly discuss my clairvoyant work. One of my hobbies is singing, and we had just done a concert, so my fellow singers in the pub knew nothing about my clairvoyance work. I just tried to shoulder-off what had happened in a joking way.

The following poem is about a difficult subject - bereavement, as seen from my perspective as a clairvoyant

Now you’re Gone

You were here yesterday,

And now you’re gone, passed away,

Cruel death has victory


News came swift that you had died,

It couldn’t be, I screamed, denied,

Grief took hold, I cried and cried.


There are no answers from the world around

If you’d been religious would salvation

be found?

This busy world knows not what to say,

Like an express train on their way,

Material lives, living for today.


Science claims the answers in this modern world,

Life is dust to dust, so live to the full,

Young or old, boy or girl.


My grief takes hold and overwhelming,

Bewildered, lost, darkness closing in Can’t accept won’t see you again.

My eyes are blind, but you can see,

I just don’t feel you near to me.


Your soul is near, you still exist,

Life’s cruel illusion is a mist

Your soul is free of all the pain,

Yet you’re surprised, you are the same,

Heaven is beautiful, you know that now,

Others you loved are there somehow.


Heaven is real, green valleys and trees,

Flowers caressed by gentle breeze,

Colours vivid, no pain, no fear,

A place like home made ready

for you there.


You try to reach to tell me this,

Yet the wall between us, impenetrable mist

of material world teaching,

Souls don’t exist

Leaves me trapped in grief,

Time stops, I twist, and cry.

Robert Mason
I have named the first place that our soul reaches after our physical life ends  "First Heaven"

First Heaven

I see light everywhere

Gentle warmth of unconditional love

I am drawn into First Heaven, somehow

Just here, not above

I am free from life on Earth

From pain, suffering, happiness, pleasure

Back to my true home, somehow familiar

I cannot measure

……… The overwhelming love

Yes! I can still think and see, still same old me,

I see my loved ones who passed before,

waiting here for me

I see their faces, young again,

Together we fly free

Across beautiful valleys green grass, trees, flowers

A very real Heaven created by the One with powers

..................of Creation
Robert Mason

In the afterlife of Heaven we will at some point have a Life Review, accompanied by our Guardian Angel

A Library in Heaven

My soul set free from my body, my life

I float on a path towards a building white,

The Heaven I hoped for shines all around

I breathe air of love, see beauty profound.

Heaven is light, love, joy and peace

Beauty, safety, I feel wonderful, at ease

I see radiant Angels, sense power

- the Creator above

Overwhelming, infinite, unconditional love.

Heaven offers rest, to recover from life’s pain

Then time to review, start learning again.

A brilliant white building in front of me

Is a place of further learning, a Library,

I see before me many books of life

For everyone who ever lived

their toils, their strife,

Their joy, sorrow, happiness, fun,

The times they had to fight, battles lost and won.

I see a book now, with my name bold and clear

Should I reach to grasp it?

My Angel guide says “Don’t fear”

Each page is a day of your life we did give

Every moment, every minute

I may view and relive.

I open a page of happiness and joy

Go back to my childhood when I was a boy,

My Angel guide told me, in a most gentle way

to visit a page where my life went astray.

Did I hurt others?

I was blind but now see

I now feel the hurt, caused directly by me.

I can enter the page, and I’m in life again

At that moment in time when I caused someone pain

I can work it through differently

Not self-centred, but care,

Understand how others feel,

Learn how to share.

I awoke, it was dawn,

Was this a vision, had I dreamed?

I’m alive, not passed away

To the afterlife that seemed

So real...

My vision was a message,

A lesson to learn,

Our soul is eternal, spiritual growth we must earn.

Robert Mason

       As we rush through life, we need to allow ourselves time to stop occasionally. In Heaven there is no time, but simply the moment of "Now"

In Stillness

In stillness, look at a beautiful flower,

A bloom of colour, and fragrance,

Nature’s finest hour

In stillness, gaze at night-time sky,

The stars, the universe,

And wonder why

In stillness, let spirit wonder free,

Sense the love of God,

True reality

In stillness, and peace,

Inwardly pray,

For strength and guidance

On life’s difficult way

In stillness you may find

That time matters not,

Timeless peace rediscovered

Perhaps almost forgot
Robert Mason

I believe that all animals and birds have a soul energy, not as big as the human soul,
but still created by God, and loved by God

Little Bird

Little bird, on a tree branch up there,

Singing your song across the air,

A message to other birds, I am sure,

To me your song is pleasant and pure

Little bird always seeking food to eat,

Then flying away to your safe retreat,

Little bird, you know how to make your nest,

Raise your young, and look your best

Little bird, little bird, on a tree branch, up there,

Singing your song across the air

You know love, you have a soul

I know you’re aware.........
Of God

Robert Mason

We each have a Guardian Angel who is with us before birth, accompanies us throughout life, and helps us into the afterlife of Heaven.
Most people don't know or believe that they have a Guardian Angel.
We can experience our Guardian Angels through our inner feelings, and our intuition.
Our Guardian Angels work more closely with us when we are doing something good and caring.
The following poem describes how our Guardian Angels can help us far more easily and powerfully 
when our soul resonates in the "Higher Self"


Aspects of The Soul

As unseen wind blows to to who knows where

Our invisible soul energy is always there,

As gentle breeze on a fine summer day

Our soul may be gentle and full of play

Storms may come in our lives,

and our souls energise

As destructive wind in a storm, are we ever wise?

Our souls have three aspects, higher, middle, low,

In which our soul resonates, in this poem I will show

                        Most of life’s time our soul resonates in self-centre, the middle level of existence we most often enter,

Self-centred survival for food, shelter, money,

Entertainment, life journeys, stressful or funny,

Materialistic world adverts target us every day

To buy more desires, phone, car, holiday,

Spend money wherever adverts may entice us

Spend, spend every day,

…………..not true happiness.

Many souls resonate at times in lower self,

Primitive, animal, greed,  power,

and wealth

They never put their thoughts in other people’s place,

Cold hearts destroying lives, a scourge on

the human race.

There are many in this world who cause hurt, pain and fear

Steal energies from family, friends, anyone who is near,

When our soul is in Lower Self, Guardian Angels can't get through,

No empathy  a free will choice

Negative energy may take over you

And lead to life destruction, destroying others on the way,

A house, a friendship, taking years to build,

Can be destroyed in a moment of a day

A caring, loving soul may lift-up to Higher Self,

Needs of others before themselves, not concerned with wealth

They have a secret, I will share for tired they may often be

When helping others they feel stronger

Their soul feels more energy

………...From the Angels

In Higher Self, unconditional love,

Is the perfect energy

Our Angels connect more closely, setting our soul free,

………….Of Life’s burden’s

In Higher Self our Life Plan is clearer,

For our Angels already know,

They hold a vision of our future

Whom we’ll meet and where we’ll go

Angels speak through our feelings,

Intuitive knowing of what’s wrong and right,

Ways forward through our problems

Our life is  filled with Light

In Middle Self and Lower self our Angels are still there

We may not know their presence, until we resonate in love, and care

……...for others

Become more loving, and more caring,

Qualities of spiritual grace,

Angels show you, Angels help you, to  make the world a better place
Robert Mason

The most important spriritual quality is to be caring and loving to others and the world around

A Person Who Cares

"Please find me food, I’m hungry,

Please give me water I’m dry,

Don’t leave me, don’t ignore me,

Or I will surely die"

"You are a stranger her amongst us

In this war-torn famine land

Please show me that you care,

Show me you understand"

The stranger stopped and said “Your suffering I understand”

“I will lead you away from here,

Come, please take my hand,

To a place of food abundant

Where water freely flows

To a land of peace and freedom

Where children learn and grow”

The suffering all followed this stranger

Her goodness they all knew

Are you a caring person,

Could this stranger perhaps be you?
Robert Mason

Having been a Christian for most of my life until aged mid-fifties, I finally
accepted my clairvoyant gift. Since then I have helped many thousands of people in a way that is hard
to find elsewhere. Christians may condemn my clairvoyance, but I know that the unconditional love
of God is with me through the Guardian Angels that help me in this work...........


Life On Hold

I was greeted at the door, I felt welcomed, and walked in,

Another group of strangers, booked for clairvoyant reading

“Our family want to hear whatever you can say,

But first please meet my Mum,

Just follow me this way”

In the middle of the home, a room... bed, table, flowers,

Two armchairs, and tv to while away the hours,

Of a lady age late sixties, nicely dressed, on her own,

Living with her family, yet, somehow quite alone

“I see your husband in spirit”, I couldn’t help but say

“A man who truly loved you, and still loves from far away”

The lady smiled, then her eyes dropped, “Can I continue?” words I said

She whispered “Yes” and I revealed,

My vision, a hospital bed,

Her husband pale, on life support, a doctor stood nearby,

I told this lady my vision,

She began to cry,

“I killed him, I took his life, for six years I’ve hid away,

I haven’t left this room,

I stopped my life that day”

Shocked by her painful outburst, then my vision came more clear

The doctor asking permission, “No hope for him my dear”,

To switch off life support....the lady froze with fear

I was looking at the scene, as if a birds –eye view,

She left the ward just walking, not knowing what to do

The scene played out in front of me, shortly she returned

The doctor turned to see, inside her feelings burned,

In spirit her husband came, his lifeless body set him free

He whispered in her ear:

"Please say “Yes” and release me"

And “Yes” is what she said, not knowing how she could,

She blamed herself for saying yes, and didn’t want to live

I described to her my vision, “Oh my.... you couldn’t know this

I believe you, and now I see ...my husband wanted this”

"I know now I didn’t kill him, no longer carry blame"
I said “Your husband wants to see you... live your life again”

I left her to give more readings, then at the evening’s end

I went into the lounge, and was greeted like a friend

“ Mum’s life is no longer on hold, tomorrow she wants to go shopping

New life, new strength, Mum’s back, after years of praying and hoping!"

Robert Mason