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 What is Performance Poetry

Poetry is a way of expressing our feelings.

There are many thousands of people who write poetry, be it a single poem never published, or many poems that were published in a big or small way.
Performance Poets are significantly fewer in number. They have to recite their own poem, which many would feel nervous about doing. Equally as important is that the poem itself has to be suitable as a poem that can be presented to an audience without those listening becoming bored.
What are suitable poems?
Firstly, any poem that is well written and of interest to those listening.
Secondly, Humorous poems are almost always well received by an audience.
Thirdly, poetry with a strong emotional message, or content.
Reading a poem out loud with correct emphasis, timing and clarity of voice is almost
as important as the content of the poem itself.
About Us
The Performance Poetry Organisation is a non-profit making organisation, founded by Robert Mason, that is planned to be a place to visit for poets who enjoy performing their work.

Initially, the poems on this website are all written by clairvoyant-poet Robert Mason, pending the launch of this organisation as a publishing platform for other poets who are interested in this project.

For more information:
Text only to: 07515 422112 or email:


The following poem is a true account of very real vision that I experienced that changed my life forever, and gave me the strength and certainty to help people in a way that is hard to find elsewhere...........

Archangel Michael

The first of May 1999, an Archangel appeared before me, Divine

Spring morning, sun shining, air sweet as wine,

Yet the beauty and radiance before me a sign

..............from Heaven


I bowed down in fear, but fear did not last

Archangel Michael before me, from Holy Scriptures past,

His flowing robes and wings shone so bright as I saw,

A face of understanding, a moment beyond awe.


I was drawn to His eyes, full of love I was seeing,

He knew who I was, knew my life, knew my being

Unconditional love, fogiveness for mistakes I was feeling


“Come with me” was the message, and I swiftly did rise

A path of light from Heaven, then to my surprise,

Into view came a place of landscape , beauty, so real

Green valleys, trees, flowers, vivid colours, I could feel

The air that I breathed was unconditional love,

All around me, surrounding, and a sense of Higher Heavens above.


"This is “First Heaven”" ,  Archangel Michael did say,

“A place of rest for souls when they leave life’s day”

I could see people in joy, as they danced in this placed,

Where all good souls enter from our human race


There were houses and gardens, and white buildings too

A library in Heaven holding a book of life for you


“No time to waste for I have much to do”

Archangel Michael already knew

What he planned for me, as up again we did rise

To a Higher Heaven of cloud, and to my surprise,

Angels were working, planning and healing life

Helping those on Earth through adventures and strife.

The Angels nearby turned towards me and smiled,

They bowed down to Archangel Michael, and I stopped for a while


Above me a Light of Third Heaven of our Creator

The Source of all Creation, God of Love, and our Saviour

Jesus Christ with the Father

“It is time to return “ Archangel Michael did say

“Before I leave, you must remember to pray,

to God through Jesus, in your life every day”


“I have a purpose for you, to help others with spiritual gifts”

“I now give you, by God’s grace:

The gift of clairvoyance to help others in hard times of Life’s race
You will not speak to the dead, for those in Heaven there is life

The Angels will bring visions and messages to you,

For those in grief from bereavement, so you can help them through”


“Another gift will be healing, though you body be weak,

The Angels will bring healing

From those who seek,

Healing from you”


“A gift of seeing the First Heaven, whenever you need

A gift of knowledge of Life’s meaning

The Universe, the Seed,

..............Of Life”


I suddenly was back, my feet on the ground,

Archangel Michael was gone,

No-one near but the sound

Of a perfect Spring morning,

Birds singing around

.............with the joy of Life

Robert Mason